Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My $4.26 Money Maker!

As a stay at home mom, my errands and shopping trips are scheduled tightly around my 9 month old's nap schedule.  With the amazing General Mill's catalina going on at Shaws, I decided to make another trip out today to take full advantage of it.  But, first I stopped in at Stop N Shop for free Mentos and Tic Tacs, and CVS for my free hand sanitizer pen.  Now, when it comes to local stores, I'm blessed to live in an area where I have three major grocery stores and three major drug stores within a five mile radius.  It's always important to consider driving time and gas money when you are couponing, but since I can walk to most of the stores, I find myself squeaking in extra little trips if I can find the time, the deals are just that good, the baby is cooperating, and of course, the weather is nice.

So, after my pit stops to get my gum and hand sanitizer, I revisited Shaws and bought (12) Progresso soups, (9) Hamburger Helpers, (4) Betty Crocker boxed potatoes, (1) carton of rice milk (for my dear hubby who is allergic to certain foods, including dairy... I plan on doing a post about him and our groceries soon), and (6) Honest teas.

I split it up into two transactions; after Qs, I paid $4.35 OOP for the Hamburger Helpers, B.C. potatoes, and teas, and got $10 back from the G.M. catalina.  I then used that $10 toward the soups and rice milk, which left me paying $1.39 OOP, plus I got another $10 back from the catalina.  Thus, I spent $5.74 OOP and have $10 for next time, making this whole shopping outing a $4.26 money maker!
By the way, the soups, Hamburger Helpers, and potatoes are being donated to the Open Door Food Pantry here in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, as part of my November Widow's Challenge.  With all the catalinas at Shaws, I'm finding it difficult to spend the $3 I have designated for the food pantry this week, since I'm getting so many items for more than free. It's a great problem to have! God is good.

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