Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eversave: Great Deal on Photo Calendars @ Vista Print!

Have you signed up for Eversave yet?  I have used Eversave to get nearly free suede slippers, stuffed animals, and Melissa and Doug puzzles over the past couple months... they have "Today's Saves" for different cities throughout the country (though you can sign up for whichever city you want, whether you live there or not), where they will offer discounted prices to various restaurants, spas/health clubs, local happenings, and online sites.

There is a current save under the city of Chicago, that is offering a photo calendar @ VistaPrint for a $1.00 purchase, plus 50% off shipping and 30% off the rest of the products on the site. So, you pay Eversave a $1.00 for a $16.00 calendar. Shipping should be about $2.84, depending on what you order.

This is a pretty decent price for photo calendars, which includes either wall, desk, wallet, or poster calendars. Once you buy the save, the coupon code that you get for the free calendar won't expire until April 16th. AND, if you sign up for the Daily Save e-mail (under the price in your shopping cart), you will receive a $2 credit instantly... making this save free!

Note: this Save expires at around 11pm tonight! 

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