Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enter the Fru-Gal Freebie Giveaway!

June is already coming to a close, and so is the June Widow's Challenge, which challenged us to gather and then give away freebies!  How did you do with signing up for freebies? Where will you give yours?

I've decided to give mine away to one fortunate reader! AND I'm excited to announce that this is my first of many giveaways on Fru-Gal! This giveaway includes (2) Gillette ProGlide Razors, Huggies Pull-Ups Wipes, Alpo Prime Cuts Dog Food, 45 ct. Bio-35 ProBiotics, and more!

To enter this Fru-Gal Giveaway, submit your name and e-mail address. There will be one random drawing to choose the winner! The winner will be drawn and announced after the holiday weekend, on July 5th. Freebies will be shipped to you at no cost to yourself. Best wishes!

Since many freebies take 6-8 weeks to arrive from the manufacturer, I plan on waiting a couple more weeks before sending out the complete prize. I will also send the winner a full list of the items beforehand, so that they can decide if they want all available freebies or just a selection (i.e. you may not have a dog for the Alpo dog food or a baby for the Huggies wipes). The remainder will be given away to charity.

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