Thursday, June 16, 2011

Operation Christmas Child: 150 Days Left Until Collection Week!

Collection week begins in 150 days for Operation Christmas Child 2011!  I went through my box of items that I have gathered so far and was able to start filling my 10 shoe boxes for $10.

I have about $3.00 left in my budget and still need:
(7) toothpastes
(8) coloring books
(8) crayons and/or other school supplies
(4) floss
(2) toys for 4-8 year old boys
(1-3) stuffed animals
(1) toy for 4-8 year old girl
(2-3) boy hats/mittens/socks/etc...
some more candy

That's a tall order! Do you think I can pull it off? I'm glad I have God on my side. Afterall, He technically owns all the toothbrushes and crayons.

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