Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin-Inspired Fru-Gal Giveaway ($5 Gift Card to Target or Amazon)!

Anna hugging/trying to pick up a pumpkin on Grandma's porch.
Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Or as my one year old says, "Punkin!" As you probably well know from my previous posts, I love Fall (an understatement). I also love baking with pumpkin because it is just so good. Pumpkin coffee is also very good, too. 

Anyways, what's your favorite pumpkin recipe? I have plans to do a pumpkin baking day soon since I have already cooked and froze 5 pie pumpkins and would like to try some new recipes.

Submit your favorite recipe to by Sunday, October 23rd and be in the running for a pumpkin pie via the mail a $5 gift card to Target or Amazon (your choice)! I will also personally attempt and feature your recipe here on (so make it good)! ;)

I can't wait to try some new recipes... my husband can't wait to reap the benefits of my pumpkin baking day!


  1. I can't wait to see some new recipes. I haven't done a ton of baking recently, but those pumpkin muffins were a hit this morning with the kids!

  2. Ooooh! I've got a great one for you! I'm going to email it right away!

  3. Meghan, I'm automatically including you in the Giveaway since you hand wrote and delivered several pumpkin recipes (you inspired me for the post, actually)! :) And thanks, Heather! I got your recipe! :)