Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wrapping Shoe Boxes!

I've begun my OCC shoe box wrapping! Here is my first finished shoe box for an older girl, age 10-14. I also learned how to wrap those shoe boxes with attached lids. I thought, "how hard can it be?" and tried wrapping an attached lid shoe box without any instruction. Yeah... I definitely recommend watching this informative video before you attempt it yourself. :)

Do you wrap your shoe boxes? I've seen some people use the plastic shoe box size tubs and use patterned duct tape around the outside as wrapping! How do you decorate your boxes? And where can I find rubber bands that will fit around the boxes without snapping?


  1. I use plastic boxes with separate lids. I line the INSIDE of the box with the paper. Pretty side facing out through the clear box. I don't wrap the lid and I use a larger premium brand rubber band. I have never had a break and the paper won't get torn in transit.

  2. Those are some great suggestions, Alisa! Especially putting the wrapping paper on the inside of the clear box so it doesn't get torn! This also would be way easier if you're doing multiple boxes. Thanks!