Saturday, March 2, 2013

Big Spender.

I was able to go grocery shopping by myself today while my wonderful husband watched the kids! Oh the simple things. It was very nice to be by myself while shopping! I had a couple coupons to some retail stores in the local mall as well, so I decided to make a quick trip. Here's what I got for 58 cents (retail value of $19.50):

The pink tulle skirt is from Sears, they sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that they had given me 5000 loyalty reward points to use before the 4th, which equaled $5. The skirt was on sale for $5.99, plus I had some extra points already on my card, so I paid 58 cents for it (retail $12).  The "Beautiful Day" perfume was free from Bath and Body Works! You, too, can print a coupon here to get a free one yourself before the weekend is over (retail $7.50).

I know, I'm such a big spender. 

P.S. I may sell the skirt on eBay to make this shopping trip into a moneymaker!

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