Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free St. Patrick's Day Activities for PreSchoolers!

My little sick girl with her "Trinity" shamrock... it's hard to see, but each leaf had a part of the Trinity on it: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This will be sent to Anna's 100% Irish great grandmother in NY! I tried to suggest to my three year old that green would be a good color for the shamrock, but she decided on red. :)
Shamrock size sorting.
Check out this extensive list of free St. Patrick's Day activities for kids from Blessed Beyond a Doubt!

I've enjoyed completing a few with my little girl this week while we've been under the weather. Here's a few of her masterpieces (the "Trinity" shamrock was especially neat)!

Since my grandmother is 100% Irish, I grew up celebrating this holiday with corned beef and cabbage every year. I like to carry on the tradition still with my new, extended family out in Colorado. I call myself their Irish Rep. :)

This year, everyone will be gathered together at the same time (quite a feat) and I'm having 26 guests for St Patrick's Day dinner! It will be like a second Thanksgiving for our family and should be really busy and fun! Now, I just need to figure out seating arrangements.... ;)
Pics to follow.

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