Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning.

After a literal month of sickness for our family (two different rounds of viruses and four trips to the doctor later), I'm finally feeling back to normal and, consequently, went into somewhat of a cleaning frenzy today! The house was just bothering me with all the dust and dirt, and watching Hoarders wasn't pacifying me any longer. So, with the warm weather today, I opened the windows and tackled a few projects! Here's a few snapshots from my productive day:

Anna had some outdoor playtime with Daddy while I cleaned (thank you, Jesse, for keeping the kids busy today)!

4.5 dozen "vegan" chocolate chip cookies baked!

Two loaves of bread made.

Anna's spring wardrobe organized (plan on tackling David's soon).

Homemade air freshener simmering (orange peels and nutmeg).

Notice the shiny, mopped floors! House is CLEAN!

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