Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cardcash.com: Buy Discounted Gift Cards!

I just found out about this site, Cardcash.com, and it seems like a great idea to save some money on stores that you may already frequent.

There is a long list of stores that participate, where you can buy gift cards at a discounted price. For example, Target gift cards can be bought at a 3% discount ($100 for $97, etc...). I shop at Target a lot, especially since I can get free shipping on anything online when I use their Credit/Debit Red Card. This already saves me 5% off, plus free shipping online, plus Target coupons in-store, plus the new Target Cartwheel program, plus cash back at ShopatHome.com, and now this 3% off with gift cards! Look at all those ways you can save... on diapers nonetheless! Woohoo!

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