Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days of Less & More: Less Social Media, More Friendship; Less E-mail, More Handwritten Notes.

I've missed a few days of the 31 Days of Less and More series, so I'm combining two of them into one (which they go well together, I think):

Less Social Media, More Friendship; Less E-mail, More Handwritten Notes.

You cannot serve two masters. Jesus was referring to money when He said those words, but I think also our technology can become a master in our day and age, and we, its slave. I know, I'm guilty as charged. As a writer who blogs, works online as a transcriptionist, follows other bloggers, finds coupons and weekly circulars online, heads a couple ministries within my church and communicates via e-mail when possible, manages two differnet churches' websites, listens to Pandora and music on Youtube, finds homeschool lessons online for free... should I continue? Let's just say that I use the computer a lot.

Technology can be a great help and good thing (just like money), but it also can be a time-waster and distraction to time with God and with people. It can be an idol. Relationship takes a concerted effort, to call a friend and plan a get-together or to write that thank you note that I have meant to for weeks or to write the little girl in India who excitedly awaits my letter.

Lord, help me to choose relationship over ease, eternal value over immediate.

I'm participating in the 31 Days of Less and More series, with "days 2-11—will focus on filling our lives with less heartache and more joy. Next, Part Two—days 12-21—will focus on creating less stress but more peace. Finally, Part Three—days 22-31—will hone in on our physical spaces and focus on having less stuff but more contentment." Join along with me for less stuff and stress and more joy!

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