Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days of Less & More: Less Sugar, More Cooking.

Oh sweet tooth, how you slay me. Anyone else have sugar cravings? My biggest consumption of sugar daily would probably be my coffee (I like it pale, sweet, and hot - like my husband). :)

Sugar is less expensive than many other sweeteners, but the average American consumes 20 teaspoons of it a day or 60 pounds a year (mostly in sweet drinks, like soda and juice). Check out the for the 7 worst and best sugar substitutes. I think I may try to add Splenda or Truvia into my budget.

As far as more cooking, home cooked meals are usually much healthier and economical than meals ordered out. "Quick and good" is my motto in the kitchen and, with a little practice and planning, it isn't too hard to eat a simple, delicious home cooked meal with your family each night on a budget.

Keep up the good fight!

I'm participating in the 31 Days of Less and More series, with "days 2-11—will focus on filling our lives with less heartache and more joy. Next, Part Two—days 12-21—will focus on creating less stress but more peace. Finally, Part Three—days 22-31—will hone in on our physical spaces and focus on having less stuff but more contentment." Join along with me for less stuff and stress and more joy!

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  1. I no longer use Splenda because I found out it makes me tired. Check out Stevia drops. I use them in recipes. They're highly concentrated so you use a lot less and it's not processed like sugar.