Saturday, May 3, 2014

2 Free Nuby Sippy Cups!

You may have seen my $1.03 Sears purchase a couple weeks ago... well today, Shop Your Way Rewards sent me another e-mail deal with $5 in free points when you redeemed any amount of your current points. I had a few points on my card from the previous Sears purchase, so I was able to get 2 Nuby sippy cups for free with in-store pick-up at Kmart!

God provides! This was just what I was looking for, as the kids needed some plastic cups for when we are out and about (we have some nicer stainless steel sippy cups we use at home, but I hate to lose them when we're out in public). They've been using some plastic cups they received as gifts for Christmas, but the cups are starting to fall apart and Christmas-themed cups in summer does seem a little out of place. :)

You should really sign up for Shop Your Way Rewards! Using their free points offers, I get free/nearly free stuff from them quite often.

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