Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Eternal Mother's Day Gift

"Can you imagine a young mother who is all skin and bones holding two babies in her arms trying to decide which one she will allow to die because she only has enough in her body to breastfeed one of them? Or how about the 50 mothers in West Bengal who decided to sell their children hoping that whoever bought them would then be able to provide for them better than they could?" - Gospel for Asia

Would you help Gospel for Asia in its goal to support 2,000 "untouchable" children in India by Mother's Day (May 11th)?

Our family highly recommends this ministry, Bridge of Hope, which takes children from the lowest cultural caste and worst environmental conditions in India and provides them with a daily meal, clean clothes, schooling, regular medical check-ups, and most importantly, they will learn about Jesus (many for the first time).

Once sponsored, you're able to write letters to your child and receive their own  letters and drawings in return. It has been a true joy for Jesse and I to support two of these children ourselves. One option for selecting a child is to search by birthdate, and for our own family, we have chosen a 13 year old girl who shares Anna's birthday and now an 8 year old boy who shares David's birthday. It's a fun and meaningful way to connect our children with children across the world.

Sponsor a child today for $35 a month, in honor of mom.

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