Tuesday, August 26, 2014

God Provides: Sorting baby clothes

My afternoon project, sorting baby boy clothes!
We have had some generous friends and family members who have given us their pre-owned kid clothes over the years... it is always such a blessing! I've enjoyed giving my own kids' clothes to friends as well, and our church seems to be a recycling plant for kid clothes as many of us pass around items as our children outgrow them.

It's fun to see the different outfits on other kiddos each Sunday that we used to own and vice-versa. Here's Anna and her friend from church, wearing the same dress one Sunday that each of them were given from a mom of older twin girls. We didn't plan the matching outfits, but it was a joy for all of us to see.

With baby #3, we have been given many sweet outfits lately. One friend in particular asked us this past weekend if we'd like her little boy's outgrown clothes (which she had also received pre-owned from a family member and ended up not having to buy her son any clothes as a baby). She gave us 3 huge bags full! God certainly provides!

It has been more of a delight than a chore to go through the baby outfits and sort them by size. This was my afternoon project, after buying the extra large Ziploc bags at the store yesterday. Now, I can see what sizes we have plenty of and what sizes we are a little lower on. Plus, it'll make it easier to just pull out the next size bag every few months as baby gets older. I have bins downstairs for the bigger sizes that aren't outgrown as quickly.

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