Friday, April 3, 2015

Home School Kindergarten: Making Resurrection Eggs!

Easter has snuck up on me this year and, midway through the week, I realized we hadn't really done anything for this essential holiday in our home school. I wanted to incorporate the Easter story into our lessons this week and since we had a bunch of plastic easter eggs laying around the house after participating in a local egg hunt last week, I thought that making resurrection eggs would be a perfect way to recycle them!

I found this free Resurrection eggs printable from and had Anna color and cut out the pictures. She also decorated a brown paper bag with Spring stickers to hold her eggs. Then she numbered 12 eggs with a marker and filled the eggs with the appropriate picture.

After all the assembling was finished, we got my Bible and went through the Easter story using the 12 eggs, starting with the palm branches that were laid down for Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ending with the cloud that covered him as he ascended into heaven. Now, she can pull out her eggs and tell others about the Easter story, too!

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