Sunday, March 22, 2015

I chopped my hair again!

It's been over 4 years already since I last grew out my hair to donate. In 2011, I donated 8 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. This time around, I'm donating 10 inches to Locks of Love! This was the longest I've ever had my hair! I learned from my previous donation to not try to cut my hair myself....

The lady at the salon asked me if I had intended on donating my hair from the start. I told her I guessed I had that idea in my head, but actually, after it gets to a certain length, I think, "Might as well keep going and donate it."

My five year old was kind of shocked when she saw me with short hair. She said later that evening, "I've warmed up to your hair and it's cute." I'm glad to have her approval. My two year old boy didn't seem to notice.

This is definitely a commitment to grow out my hair so long! It is very thick and takes forever to style/dry. I'm not sure if I will have the patience to donate it again, but who knows... maybe it'll get long enough to where I decide to just keep going again. :)

Plus, as a cancer survivor who thankfully didn't need chemotherapy, it is the least I can do.

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