Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A home school afternoon - dead heading marigolds and collecting seeds for next year

It's such a beautiful time of the year with Fall approaching. Today was a lovely day to be outside, so after we finished a majority of our homeschooling in the morning, the kids went outside to play. I asked my daughter if she'd like to help me dead head the marigolds in our flower garden (which is always kind of fun and relaxing to me). She quickly learned how and took over the job, also finding out that the really dead heads had a lot of marigold seeds to be had. Little brother soon joined in on the hunt for marigold seeds, and now we have plenty of marigold seeds to grow new flowers next Spring!

I love when these sweet little learning moments happen during our day and I decided that Social Studies can wait until tomorrow, as we enjoy our impromptu Science lesson today.

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