Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011 Widow's Challenge: What I Saved with No Online Shopping!

January was really hard for us financially with my hubby out of the country for a three-week Biblical Geography course in Israel (and therefore not getting a pay check), an unexpected trip to New York for a family funeral, a surprise E.R. visit, and a cross country drive for my hubby which ended with our car breaking down (we still have to figure out what is wrong with it). I was really glad that today is the beginning of February and hopefully a brighter month for us.

For my January 2011 Widow's Challenge, I decided to see what I could save by giving up online shopping that I would normally buy (this means really good deals since I usually shop frugally anyhow)! Here is just a few deals that I passed up last month:

*Kodak 5x7 Photo Books for $1.99 (probably would have bought at least two)= $3.98
*$25 Restaurant.com Gift Card for $3.00
*24 Photo Cards @ SeeHere for $2.49 Shipped
*Photo Calendars @ VistaPrint thru Eversave for $2.84
*A $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10.00

Calculating these deals alone, I saved $22.31! Every penny certainly counts, especially during the harder times, and it's nice to see what we saved rather than spent after a month of extra frugality and restraint! What did you save? Feel free to try this challenge out this month if you didn't try it last month.

New to the "Widow's Challenge"? Check out what the Widow's Challenge is all about. 

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