Monday, January 27, 2014

A Busy, Blessed January.

A new family favorite that we had for Anna's party favors: gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free Popcorn Balls!

Anna's family party in Colorado. I found the party favor boxes on mega discount a few months ago at Michael's, reused some decorations, and shopped at the dollar store for the rest. 

An excited birthday girl! She's wearing the pink tutu skirt that I got for 58 cents at Sears.

In New York, spending time with my Nana.

Anna adores her Aunt Danielle and they were snuggling here while watching Cinderella.

Spending time with my Grandpa. He loved seeing his great grand kids walking all over.

David had a blast with all the pets! He is talking to Rusty the dog through the glass door here.

I cannot believe January is almost over! We have had a busy month of family time, with a special trip to New York to see family and friends. Anna turned 4 and got to have two parties this year, a small family party in Colorado and a princess party in New York! The Lord looked over us on our travels, as we managed to fly in between two big storm cells that caused a lot of flight cancellations.

It was a wonderful time to see loved ones we don't often see, including my grandparents. Now that we're back home and getting back into our normal routines, I'm hopeful that February will be a little calmer and more productive with our preschool home school. I'm also looking forward to Spring and getting outside more, getting Anna into some kind of sport, and seeing the green grass and flowers again (today is quite wintry, but we have been blessed with some warmer weather lately)!

God continues to provide for us in restoring the kids back to good health after a terrible cough, providing financially for us including a new ministry position for Jesse, bringing wonderful friendships into our lives, and giving us much joy and contentment each day.

Thank you for your continued readership and support!

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